Virtual Assistant 10-Day Lessons

Virtual Assistant (VA) 10-Day Training Lessons

Here are the summary and links to our VA Training Lessons: (All links open in a new window)

  • LESSON 1: Introduction to Virtual Assistant Training Job: VA definition, Advantages and disadvantages of being a VA, Possible income, and the Things you need to get started. - Click HERE to view Lesson #1. 

  • LESSON 2: Virtual Assistant Basics: Setting-up your home office, Your online and offline skills, and What can you offer as a VA?- Click HERE to view the lesson. 

  • LESSON 3: Setting-Up your Virtual Assistant Blog: Why do you need a VA Blog, What should be the contents of your VA Blog, and other important reminders regarding your VA blog.- Click HERE to view the lesson

  • LESSON 4: Odesk Tutorial Series #1 - Register, complete profile, take the initial test.- Click HERE to view the lesson.

  • LESSON 5: Odesk Tutorial Series #2 - How to land your first Odesk job. - Click HERE to view the lesson

  • LESSON 6: Odesk Tutorial Series #3 - Ways to earn at oDesk - Click HERE to view the lesson

  • LESSON 7:  How to find VA jobs outside of - Find VA clients online and offline, What services to offer, How much to initially charge clients. - Click HERE to view the lesson

  • LESSON 8:  VA Resources - Helpful sites, applications, tools to make your VA work easier  - Click HERE to view the lesson

  • LESSON 9: Money, Legal, and Other Matters - How to withdraw your VA earnings, About taxes, SSS, and more. - Click HERE to view the lesson

  • LESSON 10: Your Success Depends on You - Important VA tips and reminders - Click HERE to view the lesson


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