Are you SERIOUS in having a work-at-home career?


For us online mentors, the thing that separates the SERIOUS students from the CURIOUS ones is MONEY.

Offering free online courses is really a big thing for us at OJP as these courses are conducted by volunteers that take their time off from their usual busy schedule to prepare training lessons and perform online mentoring activities in order to help our kababayans learn how to work and earn from the internet. 

And so after conducting 2 free online training courses, it’s really disappointing to know that only around 10% of the total enrollees really took the time to learn the lessons and actually apply them in their work. 


Paid seminars/training are offered by online mentors not only to earn money for themselves BUT most importantly to get serious students.  Mentoring is really about passing on essential knowledge to someone - with the hope that - that someone will learn and use that knowledge in enriching him/herself.  A successful mentor can only be defined by the success of his or her students.  


  1. INVEST YOUR TIME - Self-learning thru free online courses (like the ones we have here ^_^).
  2. INVEST YOUR MONEY - Enroll in paid hands-on training or paid online coaching programs.


In the Philippines, the only one person I know that has successfully conducted live or hands-on training on homebased jobs is Jomar Hilario.  I personally met him in one of Bo Sanchez's Financial Coaching programs last February 2011. (BTW, Bo Sanchez is a catholic preacher that advocates financial awareness, he started the Kerygma & The Feasts communities).

Back to Jomar... :)

Jomar is a fun-loving guy that applies very simple and practical methods in teaching "non-techie" Pinoys how to start working and earning from home. He caters to the less technical, simple housewives, average Pinoys that are serious in learning how to create a successful homebased career. 

According to him, if you're not afraid of tinkering with your mouse and keyboard (not anxious that it will explode if you click on a wrong button), then he can teach you ^_^.

And on May 18 and 19, 2012 (Friday & Saturday), Jomar will introduce the "ALL NEW 2-DAY INTERNET MARKETING HANDS-ON WORKSHOP" in Bonifacio Global City, inside the Market Market Mall in Taguig City.

This workshop comes with a free two (2) half days of follow-up sessions at Rosewood Pointe, Taguig:
  • June 9, 2012 (Saturday), 1 to 5 pm, and on
  • July 14, 2012 (Saturday), 1 to 5 pm
To know more about this 2-day workshop (topics, fees, successful workshop attendees,etc.), you can visit Jomar's website HERE.

This workshop is highly recommended for the following:
(Source: Jomar's website)
  •  For Employees and Stay at Home People:

    -Setup a business that can replace your day job.
    -Setup a business where you can sell something like real estate.
    -Setup a 2nd source of income w/o leaving your day job.
    -Deal with Virtual Assistants for the first time-effectively.
    -No retirement pay? No problem! Online businesses can be your retirement income.
    -Learn how the internet experts are doing it-even if you're not that good yourself.
    -Sell online w/o knowing how to sell personally
    -Set things up automatically so it makes money while you slumber 

    -Find and create products that can make income for you.

    For Businesses:

    -Learn the techniques Pinoy & International Internet Marketers have used for years.
    -Promote your business -online -ahead of your competitors.
    -Follow SEO practices from the beginning --even w/o realizing it.
    -Find out where the LATEST keywords can come from (nope, it's not overture).

    -Discover more about your clients w/o asking them.
    -Saturate the internet w/o doing the heavy lifting yourself.
    -Accept credit cards online without paying huge fees.
    -Use Facebook to promote and sell the right way. (not just by photo tagging)

    For Virtual Assistant (VA) Candidates:
    -Now you can do the VA Seminar assignment with confidence,
    -Plus add more skills to your resume, to become a Social Media Manager or VA for an Internet Marketer.

    For Virtual Assistants: 

    -Learn the techniques to become a Social Media Manager and Internet Marketer's VA.
    -Charge more by having a unique set of skills most VAs do not have.

    To know more, visit Jomar's website HERE. 

    Have a productive weekend!