Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 8

VA Resources

Virtual Assistant resources are the websites, software applications, and other online tools and links that can help to make your work easier and at the same time help you improve your skills and your services.

Here they are... 
(Note: Remember to download and/or create bookmarks for easy access.)

1. – A free site where you can create VA blogs, promote your services, create blogs for clients, and more.

2. – The best social media network where you can effectively promote your services to your network of friends, create fan pages for your clients, and more.  

3. – The best Philippine classified ads where you can create free and paid ads for your services or your clients’ products/services. (Especially helpful to Philippine-based clients.)

4. -  The best search engine for your online research.

5. -  Here’s another site that offers search engine services (alternative to Google search). is using Yahoo search as reference base, it's search capabilities is okay but not that good compared to Google search.  However, this site one pays you for using their search engine, plus they offer other earning opportunities. Register and know more about the different ways you can earn at HERE or HERE.

6. – For free helpful tutorials on online skills and other internet topics.  Provides step by step instructions and videos to help you learn easily.  View available lessons HERE.

7.  Blogging tools – These are both blogging and VA tools that can help you accomplished your VA work easily and effectively. View a blog post about it HERE.

Okay, that’s it for today’s lesson and for your assignment >> bookmark sites, download the tools, and join the programs (sulit/mylot/claimfans/etc).

Have a productive day everyone!


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