Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 4

- Learning How to "oDesk" - 
(oDesk Tutorial Series) 

For those not yet familiar with,  it is a website where online workers and employers meet. It’s like a “job fair” center for online workers where you can find thousands of freelance job opportunities.

At, online workers (VAs included) are referred to as “CONTRACTORS” and employers are referred to as “CLIENTS”.

There are a number of online freelance  job market similar to (ex.,, etc.) but oDesk remains to be the most trusted and the most “Pinoy-Friendly” site that you could possibly find online.

Today we are going to do 3 tasks (assignments), they are quite simple but needs a considerable amount of time and effort on your part:
1st Task: Register with – Click HERE to register.

2nd Task: Complete your Profile! (upload a professional-looking photo, give details on your work experience,  and as much as possible “showcase” your online skills.)  REMEMBER, Contractors with complete profiles are the ones that get the most job offers.  Use the resume you created as your guide.  Include your VA Blog in one of your portfolio projects.

3rd Task: Take the Odesk Readiness Test.  This is what we call the “Entrance Test”, it is simply a series of questions regarding how oDesk works.  Don’t worry if you fail the first time as you can take this test as many times as you like. (You also have the option not to show them in your profile :)).

When you have taken and passed the Odesk Readiness Test, you will be eligible to apply to as many as 20 jobs per week.

That's all for this day's lesson, next topic is "How to get your first job at oDesk".


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