Virtual Assistant Training Lesson 7

- FindingVA Jobs Outside of oDesk - 

There are other ways and online/offline to find VA jobs.  You just have to keep your eyes open to opportunities and possibilities.

Most Filipino business owners need online marketing help and most of the time – they have no idea on how it works, how to proceed with it, or even worse, they are not even aware that they need online marketing to make their business more prosperous.

This is where we come in >> our job is to show and explain to them the advantages or importance of having an online presence especially when you own a business.

You have to be creative in preparing your sales letters, present actual statistics, give testimonies, etc.. and most of all be honest and sincere!  These business owners need to feel that they really need your help to improve their business.  Most importantly, they need to feel that they are not wasting their time and money dealing with you.

So your tasks for today is >> to look for business owners in your neighborhood, among your relatives, friends, friends of friends, etc…  and offer your services to them. (But first you have to prepare an effective sales letter. Read a  guide HERE.)

What VA services to offer?

Here are some ideas…

1.  Set-up and maintain a business blog site.

2.  Set-up and maintain a facebook page.

3.  Promote their business online. (Ex., Ayosdito, online community forums, and others)

4.  Email support – Answer email inquiries or send out marketing letters, proposals, etc.

How and how much to charge clients?

Here are a few ideas…

1.) Initially, you can offer your services at a lower fee P500 to P1,500 per month but remember, if you plan to do this always mention that it’s just an introductory rate for them to try out your service. (This may sound very low but if you have 10 clients that's still extra P5,000 to P15,000 a month).

2.) You can also give a money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with your service/s. and

3.) You can give extra free service if they avail, example > if they avail of your blogging services, you can include email support for free.

Okay that’s our lesson for the day, 


Next Lesson:  Important Online Resources for VA support and development.

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