Basics of Internet Marketing - Lesson 2 of 2 Lessons

Topics Include:

•    Recommended Internet Marketing program for newbie internet marketers.

•    What affiliate program/product/service to promote

•    Top 10 selling products on the internet

•    Marketing tools and resources

•    Where and how to promote your product

Recommended for Internet Marketing Newbies:

In order for you to understand internet marketing you have to experience it first-hand. So I will be requiring you to register for an online company that offers an affiliate program.

Why an affiliate program?  

Because most affiliate programs already have a marketing system, promotional banners, marketing guides, and other promotional tools to support you.   All you have to do is to learn their system and implement it.

Later on when you have enough marketing experience you can chose your own product and engaged in direct marketing.  If you’re not satisfied with the existing marketing system, then improve, innovate, develop, enhance. (But remember if it’s not broken then don’t fix it.)

Finding the right affiliate program/product/or service to promote:

What affiliate program to join? 

Here are some tips in finding the right affiliate program for you:

1.     As much possible, choose a product that you have some experience in and/or a product that you have interest in.  This way you don’t have to put in long hours of learning the product, and if you have to - at least you’ll enjoy doing it because you have genuine interest in the product.

2.    Choose a company with a good reputation.  A company that has been in the business for at least two years, has proven to be legitimate, and with a good paying record.  (You can easily find information about this on the internet.)

3.    Never (ever!) choose an affiliate program that requires you to pay before you can join and participate in their program.

Many affiliate programs promise to make you rich in such a short time, but unfortunately there’s no such thing.  Online or offline, you have to work hard (and work smart) to really earn with online marketing.

Top-Selling Products on the Internet:

What type of product/s to promote?  

It depends on you but to give you an idea, here’s a list of the top selling products on the internet :

1.    E-Books
2.    Medicines and Health Supplements for weight loss, hair growth, etc.
3.    Services related to finding job opportunities online
4.    Web design and web hosting services
5.    Web promotion services
6.    Computer and game related products
7.    Photos, images, graphics
8.    Parts and accessories of equipment
9.    Beauty products (make-up, anti-aging products, etc.)
10.  Other digital products (ex. Software Applications)

Marketing tools:

The following are just a few  examples  of web tools and resources that can help you with your internet marketing campaigns:

1. Banners - Banners are the online counterparts of posters.  It's an image (static or animated) that is link to a page or website where you intend to bring your prospects.  This is also called "banner marketing". Having banners is a must when if you're promoting a product online.

Here are two great sites to create banners: -  User-friendly site where you can create static (i.e. not moving) banners. - Another user-friendly site where you can create animated (i.e. moving) banners.

2. Traffic Monitoring widget  on your marketing page or blog - This is to monitor your traffic, to know where your visitors are coming from and what links in your blog did they clicked. And  the best for this purpose is feedjit (another user-friendly site). Visit their site here >>

3. Subscription Widget  on the most visible part of your marketing page or blog - This is very important in growing your prospects/clients.  Collecting quality emails or "list building" is one of the most important task an internet marketer must do and keep on doing.

Where and how to promote:

1. In classified ads sites, top 2 in the Philippines are:


2. In social networking sites, Top 3 are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

3. Other Online Places and  ways to Promote:

Community Forums -,, and other specific forums that are related to the product or service that you are promoting.

Thru Email - To your friends/acquaintances, you can directly send them information about your product/service/business, OR you can just edit your email signature and add a marketing tagline under your name with linked to your blog or marketing page.

Learn SEO - So that your marketing blog or website will ranked high in search engines.  This way you'll get traffic from targeted customers even without the need to pay for PPC or pay-per-click advertising.

There are hundreds of sites to choose from when promoting your product, the trick is to pick 2 or 3 sites for each type (classified/social networking sites/forums) and CREATE your own marketing "ad posting" system.