Basics of Internet Marketing - Lesson 1 of 2 Lessons

Topics Include:

•    What is Internet Marketing?
•    3 P’s of Internet Marketing
•    5 Common Types of Internet Marketing
•    2 Common Types of Internet Marketing Programs

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is also known as (or synonymous with) >> online marketing, web marketing, e-marketing, or digital marketing.  Basically speaking though, if you're marketing a product via the internet then you’re already an internet marketer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting in Facebook, via Twitter, email, thru blogs, or thru online classified ads sites -  as long as you are doing it online then you’re doing internet marketing.

3 P’s of Internet Marketing

1. Promoter - the internet marketer

2. Product - product or service, a brand or company that you are promoting, and

3. Program - your system of doing things, the way you promote your product.


The online marketer or the promoter must possess the following qualities:
•    Must be honest and sincere.
•    Must be willing to learn or discover new things.
•    Must recognize that possibilities are everywhere and opportunities are for everyone.
•    Must be a people person and service oriented. (i.e. really like to interact and help others.)
•    Must be familiar with the internet (of course ^_^) , with basic computer skills. and lastly
•    Must love what he/she is doing, it should NOT be all about money.


When choosing a product to promote, you, as an online marketer must keep in mind the following:
•    Your product (or service) must give real value or "worth your clients' money".
•    You must truly believe in the product that you are selling. If you believe in your product you will use it yourself and will not hesitate to recommend it to your family and friends.
•    You must take time to know your product inside and out, the pros/cons, advantages & disadvantages. The price, benefit it can give, how it works, its component… Everything. You must master your product in order to explain it clearly to your clients.


 The "program" or marketing system is all about how you do things involving the promotion of your product. It also includes your online and offline resources, your access to promotion tools, how you manage your time, your workplace, and the reliability of your internet connection and your computer/s.

Remember, it’s important that all 3 Ps are working together. 

A good product in the hands of a bad promoter is useless. Same when a good promoter is dealing with a bad product. And just as disastrous is good promoter with a good product but with a bad program.

So again, in order to be an effective marketer, first thing to do is make sure that all your 3Ps are working together.

5 Most Common Types of Internet Marketing

1. Email Marketing: Promoting your products thru email.  Email marketing has been very effective in growing your clients, making business relationships, and building trust between you and your clients thru constant communication via email.

2. Social Media Marketing: Promoting your products via social networks such as Facebook,  Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube, online forums, and others. This type of online marketing is mostly preferred by newbies, it's fun, simple and very effective.

3. Ad Marketing: Promoting your products thru paid or free online advertising. This include PPC advertising (pay per click), ads posted on classified ads sites such as Sulit, OLX, Craiglist, etc., traffic exchange sites, ptc (paid to click) sites, and others.

4. Article Marketing: Promoting your products by writing articles and posting them in your own blog/website, and in others' blogs/websites as well (Ex. guest posting and article submission to online directories). and...

5. Banner Marketing: The use of graphics and images (i.e. banners)  to promote your products.
"Different strokes for different folks"  You have to keep that in mind. Every person respond to a marketing campaign differently so no one type of internet marketing is enough - if you want your marketing campaign to be successful.

You have to use at least three types - actively and in harmony (Ex. Attractive banners linked to a newsletter sign-up page, or a "catchy" ad phrase linked to an engaging article posted on your blog).

2 Most Common Types of Internet Marketing Programs

1. Direct Marketing: Promoting your own product/s online. Here you set up your own marketing program based on what you think is best in getting your products notice and eventually making lots of sales.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Promoting other company's product online. Also referred to as "referral marketing, it is defined as "a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts." (Source:


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