Introduction to OJP's Free Internet Marketing Training

The Internet Marketer is the most sought after online worker when a website owner wants to have internet presence.  The success (or failure) of a website, product or any promotion depends mainly on the effectiveness of its online marketer/s.

Also, an online worker with internet marketing skills has more chances of getting hired. In fact, majority of employers prefer virtual assistants, web developers, or content writers with some marketing skills. And that's the reason why OJP came up with this free training - to give more earning opportunities to Filipino online workers. 

To give you an overview of our internet marketing training, here is a list of what you'll learn after the 15-day on the job internet marketing training:
  • The 3 key factors that affect internet marketing.
  • The different ways to promote online.
  • Important skills and tools every online marketer should have.
  • How to choose the right product/company to promote.
  • Importance of an internet marketers blog or website.
  • How to grow your list of clients.
  • How to work with your own team.
  • Earning opportunities available to internet marketers.
  • and a lot more... :)
We truly hope that you'll finish all the lessons, put to good use all the knowledge and skills acquired, and share what you will learn to others. ^_^

Training starts on Monday - July 9, 2012.

Note: The 30-day internet marketing training (as announced before) will be 15-day lessons/OJT and then the next 15 days will be for discussions, additional advices/coaching to trainees.

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