DAY 22 Lessons - Earn from your blog by publishing online ads

“Believe you can and you're halfway there.” 
~Theodore Roosevelt~

Almost all veteran bloggers and blog enthusiasts know that publishing online advertisements (ads) is always the first option to take when you want to monetize your blog.

For those not very familiar with a blog online advertisement, it looks like this:

In order to earn extra income by showing online ads in your blog, you must first apply for a "publisher's account" in a program like the Google Adsense.  

Once your publisher's account application is approved, you will be given an "ad code", and this ad code when inserted in your blog's html will create an ad or set of ads (like the one shown above) that are visible to your visitors.  
You earn for every "valid" clicks a visitor made on the link/s on the ads being shown.
It's not complicated to insert the code (especially in blogger), all you have to do is add a gadget/widget called "html/javascript" copy your ad code and paste it on that gadget, then it's done!

Available Online Ads Publishing Programs
(Alternative to Google Adsense Program)

AdBrite - Pays thru check or thru PayPal (although not a visible option some bloggers have confirmed receiving payments thru Paypal.).  

AdBrite is considered to be second-best choice after Google Adsense.  The only downside is they have a net 60-day basis payment term, meaning every payment on Adbrite becomes eligible for payments after 60 days. However, they have a very low minimum payout of only $5.00.

 Click HERE to visit the site. 


Chitika - Pays monthly thru check or PayPal. Minimum payout for PayPal is $10 and $50 if check.

Chitika has a different "ad look" from the usual text ads.  That's why it's okay for Google Adsense to show your Google Ads on the same page with Chitika Ads.

Click HERE to visit the site. 

Clicksor - Less strict on restrictions than compared to Google Adsense.  Clicksor allows sites with mature content, proxy sites are not allowed though.
Pays bi-monthly thru Paypal and check, minimum is $50.00.

Click HERE to visit the site. 

Adhitz - is the first choice for blogs/websites that promote GPT programs (Paid-to-click, paid-to-promote, paid-to-read, etc.).

Payment is sent on a monthly basis (on or before the 10th of the month), pays thru PayPal or AlertPay and minimum is $25.00.

Click HERE to visit the site. 

Okay that's it for Day 22!

God Bless!

Piaps ^_^


“Dear Lord, Guide me in my daily tasks.  May I learn something new every day and make use of what I’ve learned to improve myself. Keep me inspired and help me to stay focus so I may finish what I have planned to accomplish.


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