DAY 21 Lessons - Sites that will pay you to blog.

"A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others".  ~Ayn Rand~

There are websites that will pay you to blog about their product/services on your blog, some buy unique/original blog articles and sells them at a higher price, and then there are websites that act like marketplaces where bloggers sell their articles and advertisers/clients buy content.

Different websites with varying income opportunities for bloggers.  Here are some of the websites I'm referring to:

Launched in 2006, this site is like a freelance job site for bloggers, or eBay for sponsored blog posts.  Minimum payout is $50, pays thru PayPal.
Basic Requirements:

Your blog must be at least 90 days old with 20 existing posts.

How does works?
  • Register your blog's URL, your blog topic, your rate per post and rate per word.
  • Browse advertisers' leads and respond to your preferred leads.
  • Write the post and submit it to the advertiser, and get paid.
Click HERE to visit the site.

There are several earning opportunities here and you can apply with multiple blogs for higher earnings.  Pays weekly thru PayPal.
Basic Requirements:

Your blog must be at least 30 days old with 10 existing posts.

Earning Opportunities at
  • Write articles/opinions about someone's products or services;
  • Publish ads on your blogsite (like the Google Adsense Program);
  • Refer other bloggers;
  • Join their affiliate program and earn everytime you bring in an advertiser to Smorty.
Click HERE to visit the site.

That’s it for today!  You can view other sites that will pay you to blog HERE.

Have a nice day and God Bless!

Piaps ^_^


“Dear Lord, Guide me in my daily tasks.  May I learn something new every day and make use of what I’ve learned to improve myself. Keep me inspired and help me to stay focus so I may finish what I have planned to accomplish.


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