DAY 18 Lessons: SEO Tip No. 6 - Posting in Classified Ads Sites

"Only those who will risk going too far
can possibly find out how far one can go”
~T. S. Elliot~

Day 18 and day 6 of our SEO Tips and Tricks series (1 more tip to go ^_^).

When we hear classified ads we usually think of a newspaper section. Online classified ads are no different except for the missing “news” articles.  

Online classified ads sites are stand-alone websites, where you can register and post your ads for free (usually).

Posting in these sites serves two purposes >> to advertise your blog (to increase traffic) and to create more backlinks to your blog. Search engines likes to visit online classified ads site because of daily continuous turnover of fresh contents. 

Chances of having more blog visitors are very likely when you have an ad (including your blog’s URL) posted in these sites. However, you must post only in sites that are getting millions of “page views” per month.

Here is a list of the top ten (10) online classified ads sites according to, from highest to lowest rank

( – is a trusted resource for website information and statistics.)


Remember to post in the right category, if you can’t determine which category your blog topic belongs to then post in the “generic” section (i.e. “Others”, “Miscellaneous”, “Announcements”, etc.)

That’s it for today’s lesson!  I’ll be with you again tomorrow…

God Bless!

Assignment >> Register with 3 to 5 classified ads sites and post your ad.
Next lesson (Day 19) >> SEO Tip No. 7: SEO Offline Method


 “Dear Lord, Guide me in my daily tasks.  May I learn something new every day and make use of what I’ve learned to improve myself. Keep me inspired and help me to stay focus so I may finish what I have planned to accomplish.


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