DAY 17 Lessons: SEO Tip No. 5 - Blog Posting

"The difference between a successful person and others 
is NOT a lack of strength, Not a lack of knowledge, 
BUT rather a lack in will." ~Vince Lombardi~

It’s Day 17 and day 5 of our SEO Tips and Tricks series (2 more tips to go).
Our SEO Tip No. 5 is Blog Posting or Blog commenting. 

The main purpose of blog posting/commenting is to create backlinks (or links back to your blog). Because the more backlinks to your blog, the higher page ranking, the more traffic.

High Page Ranking – means your blog appears on the first page of Search Engine Result Page (SERP) every time your keywords (or blog title) are use. 

HOW to “SEO” thru blog posting?

Blog posting is easy but it requires time and effort as your purpose is to make comments in as many blogs as possible (to create many backlinks). However, you must ONLY comment on blogs with same topics/niche as yours.

Also, avoid making comments like >> “good post!” , “Nice, keep it up!” or “Looking forward to your next post!” .  Remember most blog owners prefer to review comments before approving, and short irrelevant comments may just end up in >> trash, marked spam, disapproved or deleted.

Be sure to read the content and make a significant comment about the article. Be sincere!

To help you find blogs similar to your topics/niche, try searching in the following sites:


That’s it for today’s lesson!

Have a nice day and God Bless You All!

Piaps ^_^

Assignment >> Search for at least 5 blogs with the same topic/niche as yours, then make a valuable comment (1 blog, 1 comment).

Next lesson (Day 18) >> SEO Tip No. 6: Posting in Classified Ads Sites


“Dear Lord, Guide me in my daily tasks.  May I learn something new every day and make use of what I’ve learned to improve myself. Keep me inspired and help me to stay focus so I may finish what I have planned to accomplish.


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