DAY 16 Lessons: SEO Tip No. 4 - Forum Posting

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Good Monday Morning to all!

Day 16 and day 4 of our SEO Tips and Tricks series. Our lesson for today is about SEO thru forum posting.


A “Forum” (also known as online community board website) is an online community where people with same interests go to.  It is a type of website where you can register, become a member usually for free.

In an online forum you can post your ideas, make friends with other members, share opinions, give and ask for advices, and even debate on certain issues.  

HOW to “SEO” thru a forum?

Just like in SEO Tip No. 1 (SEO thru email) you can drive traffic to your blog in forums by:

1. Direct Invitation – You can directly invite other members to visit your blog.  When doing direct invitations please keep in mind to post in the right category so as to avoid forum moderators (a.k.a forum police ^_^) getting mad at you for being “off-topic”.
Suggested categories where you can post invitations to your blog are:

· Introduction Section – This is the first stop for new members.  Here you get to introduce yourself and meet other new/old members.  This is also a good venue for inviting other members to visit your blog.

·    Announcement Section

·    Classified Ads Section

·    Others – Other forum sections/categories/discussions that you feel it’s appropriate to invite.

2. Forum Signature – Your forum signature appears at the bottom of your every post so its important that you create this first before you post anything. 

Note: There are forums (usually top popular forums) that require new members to make certain number of posts before they are allowed to use their signature.

How to create a forum signature?

You can create/edit your forum signature by clicking on the “Profile” link, then find the box where you can type-in your signature.

In creating your signature you need to insert your text in BBCodes and to make this lesson less complicated here’s an example you can follow:

To illustrate, if you type the following text:

[url=] Learn to create your money-making blogs - Free training course[/url]

Your signature will look like:

It looks simple but it's "clickable", other forum members can click on it to visit your blog.

And for those who are already familiar with BBCodes here are some references:

BBCodes to create different text effects:

BBCodes to create smilies:

You can also use these codes when making your posts in forums.

 That’s it for today’s lesson!

Have a nice day and God Bless You All!

Piaps ^_^

Assignment >> Join two forums and create your signatures linking to your blog.

Next lesson (Day 17) >> SEO Tip No. 5: Blog Posting


“Dear Lord, Guide me in my daily tasks.  May I learn something new every day and make use of what I’ve learned to improve myself. Keep me inspired and help me to stay focus so I may finish what I have planned to accomplish.


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