DAY 12 Lessons: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Your Blog

Hello again it’s Day 12 and our topic for today is about “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. defines SEO as the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the "natural" or un-paid ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results.

Basically, SEO is about the ways or techniques that a website owner do in order to have a high ranking in search engines, ultimate goal is still to drive traffic or increase website visitors, NOT  just visitors but TARGETED visitors

How do you get targeted visitors using SEO?

Imagine a small company called “Juan Enterprises” or JE for short. 

JE is a supplier of corporate giveaways with a store in Makati City.  JE also has a website, employs a very good SEO expert, and therefore has a company website that ranks high in search engines.

Then, imagine an internet user and potential customer named Pedro.   

Pedro is searching the internet for a supplier of corporate giveaways based in Makati City.  Pedro goes online, visits Google search page and types “corporate giveaways supplier in Makati City” (this are the search keywords), he hits the search button… and a webpage with a list of corporate giveaways suppliers in Makati City appears.

Now since JE website ranks high in search engines, his company will most likely appear in the first page result of Google search that Pedro made.  Pedro sees JE website in the list, clicks on its link and was redirected to JE Website.

In this example, Pedro is a targeted customer and not some random internet surfer who happens to visit JE Website by mistake.  Pedro is a potential customer… And he is the type of visitor every company websites want.

See the power of SEO at work here? And we are not talking about just one potential customer, we are talking about the millions of Filipino internet users who prefer to go online to search for  a specific product or service instead of using the old Telephone Yellow Pages.

Majority of companies today maintain a website, and serious ones – employ SEO experts.  Learn SEO and you got another useful online skill that can help you get a lucrative online job OR even an online business offering SEO services.

Technically, blogging is also a form of SEO and that’s why website owners who want targeted visitors also maintain blogs or employ bloggers to write about their products/services/websites.  (Notice another job/income opportunity here?)  
A blog has become synonymous with a website, both in form and function, so if you have a “stand-alone” blog, SEO-ing it is very much required. 
SEO is really not that hard as it only involves a variation of simple online tasks (forum posting, blog commenting, emailing, etc.) BUT it involves  a number of techniques in performing these tasks, and we are going to discuss these techniques in our upcoming lessons starting tomorrow.

That’s it for Day 12. We will be discussing several SEO techniques in our upcoming lessons starting tomorrow.

I’ll be with you again tomorrow!

God Bless!

Piaps ^_^

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“Dear Lord, Guide me in my daily tasks.  May I learn something new every day and make use of what I’ve learned to improve myself. Keep me inspired and help me to stay focus so I may finish what I have planned to accomplish.


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