DAY 4 Lessons: Designing-Arranging Your Blog

Hello again, it’s Day 4 of our Free Blogging Course!

Our Lesson for today is about designing, arranging your blog layout to make it more functional for you and for your readers.
 About Blog Design, Background, Fonts, widgets...


Your blog design, background color, fonts, etc, depends on the purpose of your blog and preference of the blogger.  However, there is a general rule to follow (or most common among blogs):

For Business Blogs:

  • A clean professional look, white background, black text, a "Verdana" or "Georgia" font.
  • An "opt-in" or sign-up form to newsletters/email updates.
  • Social media sharing icons like the ones below:

For Personal Blogs

  • For personal blogs it's pretty much obvious - you can go for any look, background, fonts, etc. as long as the content/text is still readable and readers can still navigate your blog with ease.
Blog Layout:

Again, blog layouts also depend on the blogger's preference but the most common is a two-column with 1 or 2 sidebars on the right.

The good thing about Blogger is you can change your layout easily as you please.
We will talk about what to put in your sidebars in our upcoming lessons.

Your Assignment:  

Determine the purpose of your blog. You have to decide what's the purpose of your blog to avoid unnecessary revisions in the future.

Is it a personal blog

An online diary to share your experiences, milestones, opinions, recommendations.

Is it a business blog?  

To market a product or service or both.
To communicate with your clients.
To share your knowledge and expertise.

Okay, be with you again tomorrow!

God Bless!

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“Lord guide me in my daily tasks.  Help me understand the lessons. Give me patience and determination to accomplish the things I needed to do in order to reach my blogging goals.


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