DAY 3 Lessons: Creating your Profile and your First Post.

Day 3 Everyone!

Have you done your blogger profile yet (your assignment)?  I truly hope you did!

First, let me tell you why it is important to create, complete (with photo, interests, favorites, etc.) and share your profile when blogging:

1. It gives you credibility.  

2. Readers like blogs more if they know something about the blogger, thus a shared complete profile increases your followers.

3.Increases your traffic.  Did you notice that some of the font colors of the text in your profile changed to blue?   


These are called “activated links” and they work like this... For example, in my occupation I typed-in Financial Advisor and it became an activated link, every time I click on that link, a search page like the one below will appear showing a list of bloggers that have Financial Advisors as their occupation (me included).

So remember to complete your profile and share them!


What to write in your first post?

Write something about you, just like what you did in your profile BUT give more details. Tell them what you do and what you have done professionally.  Share little things about you, your kids, your pet dog, friends.  Include a picture of you showing you with your friends or you in a place you like to hang-out. (Readers will surely appreciate it. :))

Share the purpose of your blog and what your readers will expect from your blog in the future.

Encourage your readers to comment on your post/s.  Get them involved as this will help you in making your blog grow and become more popular. Readers can also give you ideas which you might need in making your blog a success.

And lastly, provide a contact information.  Let your readers know that you are available and accessible. ;)

YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Complete and share your profile and make your first blog post.

That's it for Day 3!
I'll be with you again tomorrow. God Bless!

Next lesson >> Designing-Arranging your Blog 


“Lord guide me in my daily tasks.  Teach me to connect with other people.  Help me make an impact in the lives of others thru my blog.  Give me clarity and focus so that my blog may serve its purpose.


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