Day 2 Lesson: Setting Up Your Blog

Hello it's Day 2!

Remember our Day 1 assignment? Create your Gmail account? 
We will be using your Gmail account to set-up your blog. 

We are going to use to set-up your blog because it's free, easy to set-up and ideal for beginners.

Blogger is a Google blog publishing tool. Let's proceed...

Easy steps to create your blog with

1. Go to and sign-in using your Gmail account.

2. After signing-in you will be redirected to a page like the one below.  Type your desired "Display Name", the name you want to appear in your posts.  It can be your real name, your nickname, or an alias.

Supply the remaining details needed (gender, email notification option) and make sure you click on the "Acceptance of Terms".  Then click on the orange "continue" arrow.

3. A page like the one below will appear after you click on the "continue" arrow.  Click on the "CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW" blue button.

4. Supply the title of your blog and your subdomain (you can change your title and subdomain anytime), then click the orange "continue" arrow.

(Note: For this blog, our title is "Learn Internet Skills & Work From Home" while the subdomain is piapsguide so if I wanted to invite my friends to view this blog, I will give them this URL>>

 5. Choose your starter template, or blog site design (you can also change your template anytime, including the layout, etc.).  Click on the "continue" arrow and you're done!

6. Your blog has been created and you now have the option to start making blog posts or continue to customize the look of your blog.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Create your Blogger profile.  Tell something about yourself and the reason for creating your blog. 
That's it for Day 2!  

Our next lesson (Day 3) is about your assignment (Blogger profile) and making your first post. 

Be with you tomorrow!

God Bless!


“Lord guide me in my daily tasks.  Teach me how I can share my blessings thru the blog I'm going to create and help me to continue with the lessons with eagerness and enthusiasm.



  1. Hi. Thanks for the lessons, Im learning a lot. I just want to ask why is that i cannot use the "piapsguide" address.. what URL will I use? Thanks :)

    1. Hi Niceonstage, you cannot use the "piapsguide" because it's already taken (it's just an example for this lesson). You can create your own address/url as long as it is still available. :)

  2. Thanks you so much, twas highly appreciated :) Salamat po ^^