ALL courses have started already but you can still join the club, access the lessons and do the activities/assignments at your own pace and time.  Lessons will be deleted before the next training season starts in 2017.

Courses and Schedule:

  • Collect Free Bitcoins Online (Started June 3, 2016): Learn more about this popular digital currency (i.e. Bitcoin or BTC). No paypal or bank account needed to collect your earnings. With bonus lesson on coins.ph - a site that can help you set-up your own semi-online business. 
  • Get Paid to Do Simple Tasks Online (Started June 8, 2016):  Learn online places where you can earn "easy money" while doing simple tasks online.  Get paid via Paypal, Payza, or Neteller.  With bonus lesson on How to get paid while playing online games. 

  • Earn From Your English Writing Skills (Started June 15, 2016):  Get paid to post comments and for starting online discussions.  Get paid to write simple reviews online.  Improve your English writing skills while earning in the process.  Payments are made via Paypal or via your local bank account.
  •  Online Jobs Hunting Guide (Started June 22, 2016):  Learn where you can find legit V.A. or Virtual Assistant jobs OR other online freelancer jobs on a full time or part-time basis. Get paid via Paypal or your local bank account.
  • Blogging Basics (Started June 29, 2016):  Learn the basics of blogging.  Find out how you can earn from blogging and from your blogging skills.  Learn how your blog can help you earn while you sleep. Find out how you can earn extra hundred dollars a month from affiliate programs or online advertisers.    

How to Join:

Joining is easy, all you need is a Facebook account and prove that you know how to follow instructions. :)

Follow the steps below to join...

Step no. 1 >> Share the latest post found on our official Facebook page (Click here to visit our page).  Share our latest post on your timeline or on someone's timeline, preferably a friend or relative whom you think will be interested in earning online. 

Step no. 2 >> Visit our Facebook group - OJP Club, and join (Click here to visit the club).

Step no. 3 >> Wait for us to accept you as a member and once accepted - visit the club from time to time for updates.  We will post updates a few days before the start of every tutorial/training.

Again, this e-learning opportunity is free.  Plus, we will only recommend online job sites and internet programs where you can - join / participate / earn - without investing money.  However, you will be needing to allot a few hours of your time, focus on the lessons, and learn - so you can benefit fully from these training/tutorials.

That's it, hope to see you at the club soon!

Piaps ^_^
OJP Admin

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